Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Weaving Projects

Here is a weaving board I am about half way up so far with what started as a beach scene, sand rocks, sea and sky wall hanging. It does look like a beach scene I will carry on with it bit by bit, it takes a while weaving by hand. I may make a bag with it.  photo 8e7ab4a413bdd42d0ead3c45824e5d6c_zpse8ea42ca.jpg Another weaving item. I found is these weaving sticks at a charity shop. I will use these I can make longer pieces and join them together for bigger items such as a rug.  photo b2a48252d179a6ab8f87ad93558d8619_zpsa54e3380.jpg

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My First Quilt

A Rainbow Scrappy quilt that I made with material I had and I bought coloured plain cottons and a wave design that I used for the sashing around the quilt. I quilted it with straight lines down and across all squares. I bought an Egyptian 100% cotton sheet for the backing. I machine stitched the border to the quilt and hand stitched it to the back. Rainbow Scrappy quilt photo image_zps4ba25597.jpg Backing photo image_zpsacf78658.jpg Hand stitched border photo image_zpsa33d9274.jpg Border photo image_zps67d2509d.jpg Quilt photo image_zpsa90d05f0.jpg

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A pair of fingerless gloves

I made these gloves this week. I sold this puff stitch crochet cushion from my Etsy shop and a bag from my Folksy shop the same day as I posted the cushion. I also had lovely feedback from the lady who bought my knitted bag last week. So a good week for sales.  photo image_zps1ebb980c.jpg  photo image_zps78cec846.jpg

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fingerless gloves

I only managed to do one fingerless glove which I knitted with two strands of double knit acrylic. I could have made a pair but mislaid my new set of DPNS. I searched in my knitting bags but couldn't find them anywhere, they will turn up somewhere, meanwhile I will get a another set to finish my knits. I was also busy sewing my first quilt adding the sashing and its ready to be quilted.  photo image_zpsb007be26.jpg

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I have stitched the blocks together for the top of my quilt

I have sewn the blocks together for the top of this quilt, my first! I am really pleased with it so far. I have used a natural turmeric dye on a plain cream sheet for the back. I bought a blue wave fabric which I will use for sashing. I also have enough of this fabric to use for the border too after dyeing this with turmeric also it is now green and yellow waves! After the sashing is on I will have to quilt it I am wondering if I should do a meandering design free motion or would straight lines suit? This will be the first time I have have attempted quilting.  photo 612906b8482ecf3b13931c40abe0c077_zpse550121c.jpg  photo 475c3ab4d17b0e5dfb04ef581c525c34_zps31f36229.jpg  photo a856aa823252be16783b22dabc56d648_zpse76cf3c6.jpg

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hat and glove and I sold a bag!

I have knitted a multi coloured hat using acrylic Stylecraft yarn. I used my new circular needles and for a few rows from the end I changed to smaller lengths dpns which were much easier to use. For this hat I used two strands as I thought the last hat was a little too flimsy looking. I also made one right hand fingerless glove using a free pattern from the web. I find sometimes knitting is a trial and error and the more I progress with a pattern the better I get. I would like to knit matching sets, hats gloves and scarves if I have the time. I sold my knitted tote bag from my Etsy shop this week! It will soon be making its way to Tucson AZ USA  photo 5e7894855ff0ae4f6e76f14cba73c87e_zpsd4ad72f5.jpg  photo de65cbf608f60dad8110a971a2d90bd6_zpsbbcbd32a.jpg  photo 91f93f6959a43e8cf7ddfbc3acc49908_zpseb5f1b7e.jpg  photo e0bc224fb3fca833e227f26cf515425b_zps88230dbe.jpg

Monday, 25 November 2013

Grey Beanie

image by Crafty Bagsimage by Crafty Bags

Here is the grey beanie with a rolled brim I just finished though it's actually a parchment colour, it looks like grey to me. I used a double knit acrylic by Stylecraft and I knitted this on circular needles, it is the first time I have knitted with them. I tried a longer pair I had first, but of course far too long for the amount of stitches. I then bought a smaller pair which were very easy to use and as the stitches decreased I switched to double pointed needles. I had not used them before and I found them awkward I will buy smaller lengths for next time!
 I am pleased with this hat, now on to the next one!

image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.

Friday, 22 November 2013


image by Crafty Bags
I bought acrylic yarn by Stylecraft in various colours to make hats for Christmas gifts. I chose pink and blue for the first hat. I think it came out okay. I used single crochet throughout then picking up alternately the front and back stitches to make the rib. I will make a grey hat next. I don't usually use greys and browns then I saw the various colour shades and thought I'd like to try them together, a rich tonal effect!
image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I made quilt block today and wrote a guest blog post

image by Crafty Bags

image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.
This is another block I made today to add to my new quilt.

I was asked by Angel Andrew whom I met on LinkedIn to write a guest blog post this is it.
  Why I enjoy working from home. 

Crafty Bags' photostream

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Quilt Blocks

image by Crafty Bags

 I am making my first quilt with nine patch blocks.
 I have made four corners blocks in pink and green and a middle with yellows and patterns.   

I have Aunty Eliza's star blocks of four for the middle.  
I will probably do a nine patch and Shoo Fly for the top, bottom and sides with more colours that match.  

I am waiting to for the quilting foot I ordered then I will start practicing quilting. I have wadding I just need to get material for the back.

I chose pink for the quilting thread as I have pinks and other bright colours, now I wonder if I should have chosen white, cream or grey as that is it seems the preferred colour for quilters? There are a lot of colours to choose from too!

image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.  

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How I learnt to sew and a short bio

I first started to use a sewing machine when I left school at the age of 15.

I thought, I'd like to go to college learn typing work, in an office and become a secretary. Then I met a friend, she said enthusiastically "You should work in the bra factory they are looking for workers get a job there I have" So as I had nothing planned at that time I did!

 It was a big factory with rows of machines each with their own table big cotton reels and a big treadle which you put both feet on to machine. I did find that a challenge at first but soon it became second nature. There was one week of training to use the machine and there a switch to turn the machine on and off.

I was taught to make bra cups with bundles of linings top and bottom pieces. I learnt to pick these up quickly and stitch around carefully. They'd fall into a crate I'd pull them back and stitch across the middle. I made maternity cups the bottom cup slightly padded, the top a stiffer material and pretty cotton cups. It was interesting seeing other machinists one with a twin needle machine adding bias along the bras edges. I tried the overlocker which was quite fast this was used for making bathing suits.

After 3 years I went to work in another sewing factory, making track suits. I learnt to make the whole jacket first making the collar, adding the zip then stitching down the fronts, attaching the collar and a  label then stitching that down. I made two types of jacket one cotton with a short round collar in colours green and red and bri-nylon with a wider collar in colours red and blue with a white stripe. I  met some interesting people and at tea break we would buy snacks and beverages from the food trolley turn our chairs around to chat.

After another 3 years I decided to see more of the world. I went on a two week holiday to Greece in a Ford Transit with people my age. It took three days, stopping for short breaks along the way. After that as jobs were plentiful I took other work as it came - in Woolworths on various counters - helping to make televisions - a spell as a chamber maid living in and a seasonal job a chalet maid at Butlins in Filey Yorkshire, that was good fun with lots to see and entertainments there.

I married at 30 and had two daughters right away with 16 months between them. The first daughter has become a doctor and the second a beautician with office skills she is making a website. I am proud of them both.

I didn't learn typing but I did learn computing, taking exams and other evening classes such as art and  art and design. I put my sewing skills to good use as now I make bags and other crafty things  including home wares, cushions, rugs and  throws which I sell in my Folksy Shop Crafty Bags

 I like learning new skills such as quilting and weaving, adding more crafts to my shop, so hopefully there will always be something new to see and buy!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Weaving and Quilting Projects

Weaving Project by Crafty BagsQuilting Project by Crafty Bags
Quilting Project, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr. My second weaving class.
The first time, I threaded and knotted a board along the one end and tried weaving, but left it when I came home, I thought five threads woven at once would show the warp. Today I was shown five colours together is better, a quicker way, the weave pushes down easily, I got on with it! I brought along a wool match for the sand, pools, purple rocks, sea and sky with a multi coloured thread of silver, pale blue and grey, it is looking good so far!

Another thing I am going to do I have decided, I am going to teach myself to quilt! I have seen so many beautiful quilts on peoples blogs and I now really want to make one myself! I have a brilliant book. The Quilters Bible that I bought quite a while ago. It is described as an indispensable guide to patchwork, quilting and appliqué and it is. I am really enjoying reading, learning.
I am going to make a scrap quilt hopefully. So far I have cut up a few squares of left over fabrics and will buy more. I would like to try the quilt-as-you-go way of quilting it will be easier for a beginner, maybe!
Weaving Project, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

My new shop front and banner


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I had a weaving lesson today.

I had my first class and brought my loom along to Jo Grande's home. Seven of us came to the beginners class, we sat in her conservatory better light and with a big beautiful flower climber above us.

We brought our projects with us, two of landscapes of greenery and sky, worked in an embroidery hoop, another of three frogs one on top of the other with big colourful eyes, a comical and striking picture! The other three were weaving with thick wool and other fabrics onto board, a striped rug, a line of washing with flowers in the foreground and the other of boats.

I managed to thread my loom with strong linen thread. Then I had a bigger board which everyone has and wrapped the warp around the width and knotted the ends all along to stop the weft from coming over the other side, handy to learn! To make weaving quicker, thicker and colourful you weave five threads together called Rannuu of 4ply or 3ply or any other fabric in the same thickness. There are other weaving ways to learn. I have this picture of a seascape which I may try to weave into a picture!

This is my newest bag listed in my shop Craftycreate