Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Crochet Shawl

I've begun another crochet shawl this time all in treble stitch, I liked the variegated yarn with this pattern the change of colours. I found a white yarn with spots of colours in pink, lilac and yellow and used this yarn. The increase is four treble at the begining and end of each row and I had to unravel three rows as I did just two treble stitches at one end. There are thirty five rows and now I am over halfway. The yarn is 100g DK acrylic and started a second ball, I like crocheting shawls at the moment. And the next item I would like to make is a blanket/throw in blocks of colour of various sizes and knitted, probably I have been making purses and small items as well for a Market Weekend at Heartlands in Pool Cornwall in June with my sister we have a stall each for two days and it is free!  photo image.jpg4_zpsiepzcnwt.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsz1yymntv.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsfk2zbzcm.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsz8z83jjg.jpg

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dish Cloth and Flower

I just knitted a Country Charm Dish cloth made with cotton yarn and a crochet Flower with acrylic yarn this week. I will be busy next week as my two daughters are comming down from London to here in cornwall for a few days and we will be going my nephews wedding excited.  photo image.jpg2_zpsrytmrnoq.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsvsrqrvr1.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpswlm0ds5n.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpslxo7kcii.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsgarfcn5y.jpg

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Shawl and a Storage Bag

My crochet friendship shawl is completed. I used pastel colours in a cotton/wool mix cotton/acrylic and added a few more bought yarns some with Merino wool. I think all the colours blend nicely together, an ice cream colour palette.  photo image.jpg1_zpsbfu3dr4m.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsbtdmhllh.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zps2m8dunhb.jpg I made a little bag with two pockets for all my knitting needles and also crochet hooks, now they are easy to find with ample room for more and as I had cotton/polyester batting left over from my first quilt I used that with a little free motion quilting.  photo image.jpg5_zpsphbavcc9.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpskeewst2h.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsgbdsjfyp.jpg

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Fringe and Bits and Bobs

The rug is now finished with the fringe each end it didn't take long all together to make using up what I had available, wool acrylic and cotton.  photo image.jpg2_zpslg05zfki.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsahknivsw.jpg I made a few crochet lengths then put the motif I had made earlier in the centre to make a cushion, quite colourful I think with floral cotton material on the back.  photo image.jpg1_zpsexolsupa.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpsot0hgwis.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zps6zwcgoeb.jpg I have begun a crochet shawl, a first for me, with a few pastel colours of cotton mix yarn I had and as I don't like to be wasteful I used them all and will see how it looks as it grows. It has 67 chain stitches, so quick to do, it will be 60" in length. I will probably need to buy more of the same yarns or similar to finish. It is a friendship shawl this is the pattern.  photo image.jpg6_zps3hnb6a1a.jpg  photo image.jpg8_zps6lqc0amz.jpg I have started filling my new room with a few craft books looks good I think so far.  photo image.jpg1_zpsucaxkglr.jpg