Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Weaving Projects

Here is a weaving board I am about half way up so far with what started as a beach scene, sand rocks, sea and sky wall hanging. It does look like a beach scene I will carry on with it bit by bit, it takes a while weaving by hand. I may make a bag with it.  photo 8e7ab4a413bdd42d0ead3c45824e5d6c_zpse8ea42ca.jpg Another weaving item. I found is these weaving sticks at a charity shop. I will use these I can make longer pieces and join them together for bigger items such as a rug.  photo b2a48252d179a6ab8f87ad93558d8619_zpsa54e3380.jpg
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  1. I love the beach colours. I'm looking forward to watching your weaving grow, Happy New year!

  2. Thank you I am hoping I get it finished soon :)