Sunday, 30 March 2014

A bag a purse and two more projects

I have put together the bag I showed in three parts last week. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Cotton Summery Bag photo image_zps2dc00763.jpg  photo image_zps4d7ff3c2.jpg I have made a coin purse too with the same summery cotton yarn and materials as the bag and both these are available to buy from my Folksy Shop Crafty Bags.  photo image_zps920782d4.jpg  photo image_zps9a08e313.jpg I am knitting this for my husband Gerry who asked me to knit him a scarf. The yarn is Magic Aran. It patterns like magic. I am using two strands instead of one so no pattern but I like the colours anyway. It is 100% acrylic and 250 gram.  photo image_zps07a84dba.jpg I have got to half way now with this crochet throw. It will be 6' wide x 6' long when it is finished. I do a row or two a day, I am not in a rush so won't be finished in a hurry.  photo image_zps8c8bf87e.jpg

Friday, 28 March 2014

My March Makes

March Makes photo image_zpsd167b868.jpg 1.woven kindle case 2.Mohair knitted seed stitch bag. 3.Felted bag made from wool tops and wet felted. 4.Clutch bag 5.Cotton Summery bag knitted and backed with calico and lined. 6.Cotton summery coin purse to match the bag. 7.Flowery material coin purse 8.Cushion blue/silver 9.Cushion red/gold I still have both these materials left over. 10.Kindle case and matching coin purse in a pretty flower material.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Summery yarn with a mix of colours and more.

I have made these three pieces and they are stitched to calico. The yarn is cotton with little bits of primary colours red, blue, yellow and green running through, again I found this at a charity shop. It is surprising what you can find and I still have a little ball of it left. I could make a purse with it. It will become a bag. I like the cotton and colour mix and so it will be a summery bag.  photo image_zpsdb52606d.jpg  photo image_zpsf30297ea.jpg  photo image_zps36eb14de.jpg I also started knitting with this red yarn also a mix of colours and this will become a bag too.  photo image_zps563a9d8c.jpg

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Knitted Felted and Woven

These are my finished knitted and felted projects that I showed a preview of last week! The bag is knitted in mohair with a seed stitch which gives this lovely nubby texture. The bag has a purple yarn but it looks blue in this photo. I like how big the flower knitted up. I wet felted wool tops then I needle felted the pieces together into this red bag. I added a felted button and a strap from left over wool tops which I first needle felted into shape.  photo image_zps0ab7a5c2.jpg Red Felt Bag photo image_zps10d4873d.jpg Felt photo image_zpsc87b7526.jpg  photo image_zps69eb4395.jpg I made this piece of woven acrylic yarn and cut it from the frame I will make a kindle case with it I think  photo image_zps4fbd9ead.jpg

Monday, 10 March 2014

A flower, wool tops and a bracelet

I have been trying out few new things a few ideas but not much completed with yarns except a knitted flower  in mohair with a picot stitch on the last row which makes this lovely loopy affect.
I have been sewing and made two cushions.
I found a pile of rovings or wool tops I think they are called that I had for a while to be made into felt. One or two lovely items will be made from that felt.

Then I decided to learn how to make friendship bracelets and I made this Egyptian style one, these can be added to bags and such like as decoration.

 So I'm getting started on these yarn and felt projects and I should have more to show you next time.

This will become another knitted bag  photo image_zps9d114099.jpg  photo image_zps408513aa.jpg  photo image_zpsb8240668.jpg  photo image_zps761dad22.jpg