Tuesday, 25 February 2014

One Handbag

I have decided to go with this yarn combination I used them together but separately. It is knitted in stocking stitch and garter stitch and this is my own design. The bag is fully lined in pink gingham and has a floral pocket.  photo image_zps3c6bf143.jpg photo image_zpsebcdf4c4.jpg  photo image_zpsf69637e9.jpg

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Three cushions and more wool.

Theses are the three Cable knit cushions I have done so far.  photo image_zps7d966b5e.jpg I am using coloured wools together to find a colour combination I like and will make a gadget case or a bag. I have knitted a few rows but will probably change this and try another colour.  photo image_zps96df7c87.jpg I found this big ball of yarn in a charity shop, love the colours and wonder what I could make, a bag I think.  photo image_zpsaa8d294e.jpg

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Latest Sewing Makes

I have made bags and purses. This is a handy quilted knitting or crochet bag very roomy with six inside pockets and an all round gusset for extra room to carry your project with you and for keeping it with you as you create your yarn wonders.  photo image_zps14708a73.jpg
 photo image_zpsd7c7dd98.jpg

Then I made a funky quilted pink piggies shoulder bag. This had a flower patten on the back so you can have this bag showing either side both are pretty.  photo image_zps1205069b.jpg  photo image_zps0ef9e09e.jpg I have made a selection of purses some small just for coins and some that can hold cards as well all are lined and original.  photo image_zps08559ed0.jpg  photo image_zps34ce7e0a.jpg  photo image_zps4603e8cf.jpg  photo image_zps8c2609f3.jpg  photo image_zps5e8f3d64.jpg  photo image_zpsfddebfc3.jpg  photo image_zps9d8b6ba7.jpg  photo image_zps4dfa9219.jpg Two match shoulder bags and would look good together or you can buy them separately! All are available to buy from my Folksy Shop Crafty Bags.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cable Knit Cushion

I love making these cable knit cushions there are so many designs to choose from this is my third cable style cushion pattern. This cable pattern is Criss Cross Cable with Twist. The yarn I chose is King Cole Magnum Chunky 50% Recoil Acrylic 25% Courtelle Acrylic and 25% Wool. It says on the label bulk without the weight. I like the thickness. It will be an 18"x 18" cushion.  photo image_zps64a50bc3.jpg  photo image_zpsd2d0f556.jpg

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A cushion and a knitting bag

Another cushion this week I first decided to make a Celtic cable knit 20" cushion as I made a 16" cable cushion last week. I found a lovely Celtic cable design and added 20 stitches each side then found this was wider than needed so I decided to make a bolster cushion. I have used Kingcole chunky in acrylic. I also have polyester stuffing and muslin I will make the inside with it.  photo cb0d724d-978d-436c-bec6-79c177de71c3_zps04dbe18a.jpg  photo c9551693-79f5-4a4f-8331-f18d625a13df_zps966370c1.jpg  photo image_zps5ab0d942.jpg I have added more stripes to my crochet afghan I am crocheting four loops to each stitch for a thicker warmer throw it takes longer I don't mind I do about two stripes a day. It will take roughly six weeks or a bit longer I estimate to finish, each stripe is about 1" It will become a 6' square throw.  photo image_zpsf877f06c.jpg I am really pleased how my quilted sheep knitting bag turned out!  photo image_zps14708a73.jpg Knitting Bag photo image_zps2d2c563c.jpg  photo image_zpsd7c7dd98.jpg  photo image_zps44fb70da.jpg

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cable Knits and Knitting Bag

I have made a cable cushion with Aran Rustic Tweed yarn. I bought 400g as I would like to make a few cable knit cushions now I've started. I have begun another cushion a Celtic cable knit 17 row pattern and this is with chunky wool. I have knitted the first cushion using two strands of yarn as it would knit up quicker but I had to do twice as many rows as my wool wasn't as thick. I hardly ever used chunky or super chunky I have usually stuck with double knit, I can see myself using more chunky yarns as I try my hand at more yarn projects. I started with these photos all in order but they rearranged and I can't copy/paste them around with my iPad.  photo image_zps066c0736.jpg  photo image_zpse78d0f3e.jpg  photo image_zps07b6515b.jpg I have started to make a knitting bag I am excited about as I had the idea to use sheep shapes from a curtain, cut out and joined together and I think these sheep would be ideal. This will be the first knitting bag I made. There are other pretty patterns of flowers, and pink pigs I may use the pink pigs too to make a pink pig bag. I have started quilting the back and front.  photo image_zps6376cd72.jpg  photo image_zpsec2ec087.jpg