Friday, 28 June 2013

Hoot Toot

This Owl Tote  Bag bag Hoot Toot is with all of Crafty Bags items in a large plastic crate packed ready for sale.

"Wow" said Owl "There are lots of nice things here, bags and pretty flower totes unique and colourful, home wears Too Woo Woo"

"There are pretty  knitted or crocheted bags Too Woo" "Oh look there is a leather purse!  more leather items and colours soon to be added

 I've heard WooWoo"
"Too Wit I see a knitted rainbow kindle case Too Woo"
 "Two tea cosies to keep tea warm for a large tea pot Too Woo"

 "It is nice here Too Wit with these pretty, colourful items a temporary home until someone takes a liking to us Woo Woo"

"Too Wit I  would like to see more of the world to spread my wings Too Woo  be picked for a new home and  a new adventure "I have two pockets a large size with lots of room my bright handsome face on the front though I do say so myself Too Wit Too Woo"

"I am hoping I get picked soon, the others do Too Woo Woo

then Crafty Bags will make lots more unique items for her shop Woo Woo"!!

Bye from Hoot Toot and Crafty Bags. We hope you soon be browsing the shop you are very welcome to pop in any time.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Just listed my second crochet throw in my shop.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Finished Rag Rug and Crochet Throw.

 1. Finished the rag rug it is a colourful and fun rug the stitches like juicy berries.

2. A colourful throw or blanket.

3. A set of six 8 inch squares that I sent to Turkey to be made into blankets for Syria refugees. More squares are wanted either crocheted or knitted. Here is the website next to the squares.

Love in the language of yarn