Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Quilt Blocks

image by Crafty Bags

 I am making my first quilt with nine patch blocks.
 I have made four corners blocks in pink and green and a middle with yellows and patterns.   

I have Aunty Eliza's star blocks of four for the middle.  
I will probably do a nine patch and Shoo Fly for the top, bottom and sides with more colours that match.  

I am waiting to for the quilting foot I ordered then I will start practicing quilting. I have wadding I just need to get material for the back.

I chose pink for the quilting thread as I have pinks and other bright colours, now I wonder if I should have chosen white, cream or grey as that is it seems the preferred colour for quilters? There are a lot of colours to choose from too!

image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.  

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