Saturday, 27 June 2015

Orange and Yellow Knitted Bag

I made this bag this week, my own pattern. Its knitted with Patons and wool 77% and viscose 33%. It is knitted in stocking stitch. I have this pattern for sale here.  photo image.jpg1_zpsludsutq9.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsiyl9ciax.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsdluoocjd.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zps5pwthnls.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpswwzcnpsr.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpst7byrxhu.jpg My mohair wool arrived in the post and these colours will go so well with the mohair I have already to finish the shawl I am making.  photo image.jpg2_zpscg536g1k.jpg I will be going to London to stay with my two daughters can't wait from the 1st of July for a few weeks and to celebrate my birthday, can you believe it I am nearly 64 so won't be doing too much blogging while I am away!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Mohair Shawl

I have a few mohair yarns in various colours and I thought I'd use them all to make a stripey shawl following an easy pattern of stocking stitch. There are 100 rows with two rows of garter stitch at each end. The joins of colour are left fairly long so as to make a fringe. I think this will become a colourful summery shawl. I have ordered a few more balls of mohair online they are being sent from Italy and will wait for these to arrive before knitting as I dont want all the same colours on one side, rather to blend in all the colours throughout the shawl.  photo image.jpg1_zpsu01hvivw.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpswtjrzycl.jpg These colourful red flowers have just come into flower so had to take a photo, behind is a stone hedge this is covered with climbing ivy which I think looks good too.  photo image.jpg4_zpsvpqwkjyd.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zps9ze5xjbh.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpswd3t7gmr.jpg I found and bought these three balls of yarn in a packet at a charity shop for £1 and liked the autumn colour. I have started knitting and will probably make a bag, I bought these two balls of yarn too in a wool shop as I liked the mix of colours and the fluffy texture of the yarn.  photo image.jpg6_zpspb8k2t31.jpg I am linking this blog post with Wool on Sunday

Monday, 15 June 2015

A Daisy Bag and A Craft Fair

I found a big ball of thick yellow wool at a charity shop then decided to make a bag with it. I made a big square and a smaller piece for the front and joined them together I highlighted the front panel with a daisy flower in embroidery silks, with French knots in the middle chain stitches for the petals a running stitch for the leaves,stems.  photo image.jpg1_zpsrpysssj4.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsz11gguc0.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsndgt19ji.jpg I am having a few blond streaks put in my hair this week by the way to jazz it up a bit, so not all grey hair.  photo image.jpg5_zpsey8cj92v.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpse458mtok.jpg I went to a craft fair and as you can see I have a lot of knits and crochet items, two crochet cardigans a cushion, purse and pink flower bag in a seed stitch. I have come to the conclusion prices need to be a big feature on a stall table with noticable prices on show and as the lady next to me has a board with her pricing in the middle and at the front of her table. I put little price tags on my items but that's not enough, prices should be clearly seen. I began to feel that my items were just for show a showcasing of what I'd made ha! And I admired a crafters display of crafts in cellophane so professional, the next day this lady brought in a few of those bags for me, a nice surprise, you can see them in my stall photo. I do feel a bit timid about selling though but I will price and display better another time. A lady bought my orange flower Retro bag for £6 she said the price should be higher and as it was Retro. The table was free for the two days, so no loss. People gave me nice compliments about the items and a little girl really wanted to buy the mohair pink flower seed stitch bag, but her mother told me she has loads of bags already otherwise she would have bought it, oh dang! My sister had a stall too she did very well selling her wears, people do love her colourful jewellery and scented candles in cups!  photo image.jpg3_zpspfboijnw.jpg

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Two Shawls and Purse

I have made two shawls one crocheted and the other knitted, the pattern for the crochet shawl is here from my last weeks blog post.  photo image.jpg1_zpsto02xepr.jpg I made this shawl this week with a multicolour acrylic yarn and this pattern and is easy and quick to knit and an ideal pattern for multicolour yarn.  photo image.jpg6_zpsnwdi4mr8.jpg  photo image.jpg7_zpsysjexmkt.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zps8hjohnjy.jpg  photo image.jpg8_zpsyc7oe8rw.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zps5obhmo8w.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpsll7k20us.jpg I knitted a swatch a while ago with super chunky yarn now made into a purse with a zip and lining. I am making small items like this purse to take to a craft fair next weekend with my sister Diane, who makes jewellery and scented candles in cups, we have a free stall each for the two days! Yay!! This is the poster for the event.  photo image.jpg3_zpswl2p5t8v.jpg