Sunday, 30 August 2015

Four Crochet Bags with Granny Squares

There are three crochet bags made this week including the one I made last week. Size 12" two 13" one 14" in length. I tried a firmer tension with the first bag the smallest as I wanted a small size crochet bag, the largest I tried a looser tension the middle sized a mixture, plus there were a mix of yarn labels double knit with varying thickness. You can do a crochet granny square with three double crochet each time going around I wanted four double crochet for thickness to be more substantial.  photo image.jpg2_zpsjmmrzkwf.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsy1uvshhc.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpsplriy3nf.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsbhasxnfm.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpshv7zh2yn.jpg These crochet bags are proving popular and this is the first bag I made of these a while ago that sold.  photo image.jpg1_zpskvqiymnq.jpg

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Crochet Granny Squares

I have made a few crochet granny squares this week towards three crochet bags I am making. I have plenty of time to make them all before I go to see my two daughters in London mid September so that's good.  photo image.jpg2_zps77sjvxwo.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zps9awwy3xw.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsrdbz4lve.jpg I have changed the lining material for a few bags to make variety. There are lots of fabrics, lovely remnant pieces at a shop in a nearby town selling all things Retro also including painted furniture and clothes and so a good place to get pretty material I found.I bought this green coloured lining there for £1 a bargain. I think the lace, which I've had for a little while will make a nice edging on a pocket or two, too!  photo image.jpg4_zpslc4ycxbz.jpg

Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Crochet Bag or Five

I had this crochet bag for sale in my shop and a lady from Rhode Island USA bought it and gave me a commission to make another four more, Christmas presents for her grown up granddaughters. I enjoyed making these so will be busy crocheting a few more granny squares, I know how to make one from memory now. This pretty material a remnant is for the linings and pockets, enough for all the bags. I have quite a lot of double knit wool just a few more colours were needed and bought. All the loose ends are woven in as I do them except for the joined together pieces as I wanted to take a photo first.  photo image.jpg1_zpsh8ey3zet.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpspef8f3tu.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsu4rpimp4.jpg I think just a few colours look good together or a mix of colours all the bags will look different. Now a shoulder strap and a button.  photo image.jpg4_zps1ublaqim.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpskn6ns3mh.jpg Edit Just finished one bag three to go!  photo image.jpg2_zpssv3behvl.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsmzjozpwt.jpg

Monday, 10 August 2015

Unwind Wrap and a Craft Fair

I have made this knitted shawl using this pattern with oddments of coloured Mohair I had then ordered a few more in a finer texture so had a mix throughout and so pleased how it all blended together.  photo image.jpg1_zpsmwrybsrf.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsji1usrbb.jpg I made a couple more matching table coasters to make a set and put them in cellophane bags for the craft fair.  photo image.jpg2_zpsoyaznwx6.jpg I was pleased that I sold a few items at this craft fair at Heartlands including a bag, purse and a make up bag, one lady in particular like my cushions and bought the crochet edging pair, she wanted to buy the blue patchwork but didn't have enough cash on her could not pay by card as I did not have a card machine, she took my business card. My sister did well too and it was a hot summery day so a good day all round.  photo image.jpg1_zpsjz97mc7d.jpg