Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Material with zips on a roll.

I found this lovely material while on the look out for small zips for coin purses. I found a haberdashery shop that sold zips on a roll with two colour choices of cream or dark red I bought four 3.5" in cream. It works out much cheaper, about £1.46 if I remember.

The material I found were a pair of curtains that caught my eye in a charity shop. I like the different patterns. I can see coin purses, a kindle, iPad, gadget cases maybe a cushion or two, definitely a bag which will look really good with these pattern combinations

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The bag I made Striped Fabric Shoulder Bag today.

Hello everyone I thought I'd show you all the bag I just finished making.

Also I have joined Mail Chimp to make a Newsletter to send out to people, telling them about discounts, special offers, and new items I'm making, things like that.  I need people to sign up by email on my blog so I have lots of people to send a newsletter to!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Bag making, material sort and coin purses.

This is the bag I am making just need to attach the lining and add the buckle. The bag has blues,  rust red and cream with a pattern and cream speckles that adds interest.

I have been sorting out my colourful fabric and have a selection to make coin purses  I have made two so far which I think look good these are the first fabric purses with zips that I've made.

Also I  just noticed a red rosé bud on one of my three seedlings I was so surprised as I thought they had to grow bigger before flowers grew!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New Summer Bag and Crochet Motif

 I have been following a crochet pattern and made this motif it is just over 14"x14" square.
I will make a cushion with it on fabric with an embroidery design underneath the motif.

I have started embroidering a chain stitch which I find relaxing and I am enjoying seeing the design take shape.

 Flowery shoulder bag made with retro colourful material found at a market.
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