Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I had a weaving lesson today.

I had my first class and brought my loom along to Jo Grande's home. Seven of us came to the beginners class, we sat in her conservatory better light and with a big beautiful flower climber above us.

We brought our projects with us, two of landscapes of greenery and sky, worked in an embroidery hoop, another of three frogs one on top of the other with big colourful eyes, a comical and striking picture! The other three were weaving with thick wool and other fabrics onto board, a striped rug, a line of washing with flowers in the foreground and the other of boats.

I managed to thread my loom with strong linen thread. Then I had a bigger board which everyone has and wrapped the warp around the width and knotted the ends all along to stop the weft from coming over the other side, handy to learn! To make weaving quicker, thicker and colourful you weave five threads together called Rannuu of 4ply or 3ply or any other fabric in the same thickness. There are other weaving ways to learn. I have this picture of a seascape which I may try to weave into a picture!

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