Monday 15 February 2016

Two Crochet Cushions

I have been making two African Flower Cushions a commission for a lady to match the decor in her camper van. Here is the start  photo image_zpsxatzmppz.jpeg And cushions made and posted off today  photo image_zps8wd9nz3r.jpeg

Sunday 6 December 2015

Scarf Cowl and Crochet Flowers

I made a few small things this week I found Pom Pom yarn in a parcel of remnants I like to buy. It had a pattern on the label you knit between the little Pom poms. It feels lovely and soft, added crochet flowers to use up my yarn. I love buying remnants usually a parcel as you often find nice things including lace, embroidery silks, knitting book.  photo image_zpskv0kwtqa.jpeg  photo image_zps069yyyq3.jpeg I also found this pretty yarn from France which has a mix of acrylic mohair, wool and gold lurex. And luckily I have a few pretty pearl buttons to add too.  photo image_zpssroe3gar.jpeg I made this cowl using up my oddments of yarns and used a drop stitch pattern with stocking stitch.  photo image_zpstvsiikzy.jpeg  photo image_zpsnfruryoj.jpeg I bought a set of these Christmas cake tins as my own was too small fit the cake I made. I included this photo as it goes with the other colours here.  photo image_zpsgdck57am.jpeg Also I am going to a Christmas Craft Fair just before I go to see my daughters in London for a month to spend Christmas  photo image_zpshzrsqqa0.jpeg I made a little bag for myself with remnants too.  photo image_zpsauthttns.jpeg

Sunday 29 November 2015

A Scarf and More

Finished the scarf it measures 75" X 12" And added a rainbow fringe each side to match.  photo image_zpsmanydmvo.jpeg  photo image_zpskb98dyp7.jpeg  photo image_zpski169fzj.jpeg  photo image_zpsaprbhxxk.jpeg  photo image_zpszmzufd1w.jpeg  photo image_zpspjedvkcd.jpeg Also on the yarn front I sold this Cardi from my Folksy Shop  photo image_zpsrwnmypdv.jpeg and this brooch  photo image_zpsrlhuvbap.jpeg

Sunday 15 November 2015

Hat and gloves with scarf

I have added another colour, to this scarf I am making I found in my stash a dark blue. I have made a hat and fingerless gloves to make a set. Now I can continue finishing the scarf.  photo image_zpsua8hgu8i.jpeg  photo image_zpsuglthx7p.jpeg  photo image_zpsxtn4d5nx.jpeg  photo image_zpsq1umpe9d.jpeg  photo image_zps912opksb.jpeg  photo image_zpssfprqeya.jpeg

Sunday 8 November 2015

Multi Coloured Yarns

I am using up my spare balls of yarn to make two multicolour scarves each with tassels and possibly a hat and maybe fingerless mittens to match. Scarf width approx 10" Length quite long. A very easy pattern in stocking stitch quick and fun to make. Balls of yarn  photo image_zpsdnjkwmjy.jpeg Made a start  photo image_zpshuwfoijp.jpeg Adding more colours  photo image_zpsrwu4zefn.jpeg

Sunday 1 November 2015

A Little Knit and Crochet

I made this little pumpkin which is knitted on three double pointed needles I am pleased how it turned out. And it looks bright and colourful as Autumn decoration! Here is the lovely pattern  photo image_zpstvnpoqdp.jpeg  photo image_zpsxediqsnm.jpeg  photo image_zpsgbxhjnfy.jpeg  photo image_zpsijgwjcni.jpeg  photo image_zps6mz4geto.jpeg I have made two granny squares so far and these just need a zip and lining to make a purse. The blue is a bright turquoise dont know if the colour shows correctly on cumputer screens. I may make a few more for craft fairs. I must say there are a few new ones in Cornwall now! There is Hellys at Helston right by the boating lake and Heartlands in Pool between the towns of Camborne and Redruth and now a craft fair started in Camborne town at a centre indoors, all fabulous crafts, Thursdays and some Saturday's which is already fully booked and am on the reserve list for that one.  photo image_zpst4viu0pa.jpeg  photo image_zpsqj0irgsz.jpeg  photo image_zpssw9bnxgz.jpeg  photo image_zpspelcdqho.jpeg

Thursday 22 October 2015

Ear Flap Hat and A Craft Fair

I made this hat to add to my collection with this pattern it's knitted with a bulky pure cream new wool and so is quick to knit up. I like how easy it is to add this icord at the end by picking up and knitting the stitches as you go. This should be so warm and cosy to wear.  photo image_zps5wvpnct7.jpeg  photo image_zps3r1vuykq.jpeg  photo image_zpssw3urkb0.jpeg  photo image_zpskdhxrhri.jpeg My fuchsias and pink flowers look good spread out in their pot.  photo image_zpsph3hjabv.jpeg I am at another craft fair at Heartlands this weekend.  photo image_zpsaiv6wynq.jpeg  photo image_zpsowocut6h.jpeg