Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hat Rug and Throw.

I have just made this hat for my OH Gerry it has two crochet loops on the crown that hang down at the back and can be plaited or left as it is.

I have added a few more rows to my knitted rag rug. I am pleased with it I like the country style I have to get a few more pieces of colourful material.

It is knitted on 30 stitches.

This is the bag of crochet squares and some new wool I am about half way to completing the throw.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A knitted rag rug.

I am making another item for my home which makes three now, a crochet cushion a crochet squares throw and a knitted rag rug, well I have to have my lovely makes as well!

 I will make pretty items for my Crafty Bags Shop Folksy again soon, although I will be going to Wales to see my family and to celebrate my OH birthday next week..

I used left over craft material which I have cut to the same width strips and joined into a long strip. I am knitting with big needles to make a rag rug.
Start of knitted rag rug.

I have bags and cushions and a even a rug so if you want something pretty for spring or summer or anytime for yourself or the home now is the time to take a look and buy!

Monday, 4 March 2013

I have made a crochet cushion and mobile phone sleeve

I made a crochet cushion not with granny squares this time. This one has double and treble crochet and colour reds oranges and yellows. The back has striped cotton in complementary colouring.

I made this fluffy mobile phone sleeve and put a photo on Facebook. My daughter and her friend like it as I do so I am making a few more. I used Astrakhan crinkly red and fluffy coloured yarn together. It has a loop and button to close.

Back of cushion.