Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Weaving Projects

Here is a weaving board I am about half way up so far with what started as a beach scene, sand rocks, sea and sky wall hanging. It does look like a beach scene I will carry on with it bit by bit, it takes a while weaving by hand. I may make a bag with it.  photo 8e7ab4a413bdd42d0ead3c45824e5d6c_zpse8ea42ca.jpg Another weaving item. I found is these weaving sticks at a charity shop. I will use these I can make longer pieces and join them together for bigger items such as a rug.  photo b2a48252d179a6ab8f87ad93558d8619_zpsa54e3380.jpg

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My First Quilt

A Rainbow Scrappy quilt that I made with material I had and I bought coloured plain cottons and a wave design that I used for the sashing around the quilt. I quilted it with straight lines down and across all squares. I bought an Egyptian 100% cotton sheet for the backing. I machine stitched the border to the quilt and hand stitched it to the back. Rainbow Scrappy quilt photo image_zps4ba25597.jpg Backing photo image_zpsacf78658.jpg Hand stitched border photo image_zpsa33d9274.jpg Border photo image_zps67d2509d.jpg Quilt photo image_zpsa90d05f0.jpg

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A pair of fingerless gloves

I made these gloves this week. I sold this puff stitch crochet cushion from my Etsy shop and a bag from my Folksy shop the same day as I posted the cushion. I also had lovely feedback from the lady who bought my knitted bag last week. So a good week for sales.  photo image_zps1ebb980c.jpg  photo image_zps78cec846.jpg

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fingerless gloves

I only managed to do one fingerless glove which I knitted with two strands of double knit acrylic. I could have made a pair but mislaid my new set of DPNS. I searched in my knitting bags but couldn't find them anywhere, they will turn up somewhere, meanwhile I will get a another set to finish my knits. I was also busy sewing my first quilt adding the sashing and its ready to be quilted.  photo image_zpsb007be26.jpg

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I have stitched the blocks together for the top of my quilt

I have sewn the blocks together for the top of this quilt, my first! I am really pleased with it so far. I have used a natural turmeric dye on a plain cream sheet for the back. I bought a blue wave fabric which I will use for sashing. I also have enough of this fabric to use for the border too after dyeing this with turmeric also it is now green and yellow waves! After the sashing is on I will have to quilt it I am wondering if I should do a meandering design free motion or would straight lines suit? This will be the first time I have have attempted quilting.  photo 612906b8482ecf3b13931c40abe0c077_zpse550121c.jpg  photo 475c3ab4d17b0e5dfb04ef581c525c34_zps31f36229.jpg  photo a856aa823252be16783b22dabc56d648_zpse76cf3c6.jpg

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hat and glove and I sold a bag!

I have knitted a multi coloured hat using acrylic Stylecraft yarn. I used my new circular needles and for a few rows from the end I changed to smaller lengths dpns which were much easier to use. For this hat I used two strands as I thought the last hat was a little too flimsy looking. I also made one right hand fingerless glove using a free pattern from the web. I find sometimes knitting is a trial and error and the more I progress with a pattern the better I get. I would like to knit matching sets, hats gloves and scarves if I have the time. I sold my knitted tote bag from my Etsy shop this week! It will soon be making its way to Tucson AZ USA  photo 5e7894855ff0ae4f6e76f14cba73c87e_zpsd4ad72f5.jpg  photo de65cbf608f60dad8110a971a2d90bd6_zpsbbcbd32a.jpg  photo 91f93f6959a43e8cf7ddfbc3acc49908_zpseb5f1b7e.jpg  photo e0bc224fb3fca833e227f26cf515425b_zps88230dbe.jpg