Monday, 25 November 2013

Grey Beanie

image by Crafty Bagsimage by Crafty Bags

Here is the grey beanie with a rolled brim I just finished though it's actually a parchment colour, it looks like grey to me. I used a double knit acrylic by Stylecraft and I knitted this on circular needles, it is the first time I have knitted with them. I tried a longer pair I had first, but of course far too long for the amount of stitches. I then bought a smaller pair which were very easy to use and as the stitches decreased I switched to double pointed needles. I had not used them before and I found them awkward I will buy smaller lengths for next time!
 I am pleased with this hat, now on to the next one!

image, a photo by Crafty Bags on Flickr.

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  1. This looks nice! Your building a great collection of these lovely beanies :)

  2. Thank you yes, I am starting a collection!

  3. It is a lovely beanie. I love the color. I had the same experience with double pointed needles, they feel a bit awkward