Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Photo Challenge 8

Yellow spiky
One of my threads

Shop front

Big bloom

Button in a case

Textile craft
I have responded to the blog challenge to take a photo a day. I am sure the colour theme is yellow today, this is a colourful post to add to my blog. I included my Felt Bag in the mix as I would like to add sewing and crafts too.

The cotton reel is one from my collection of threads. The other photos are from Truro town today. The big flower this stood out from the rest and is from a plant seller in Truro farmers market. The yellow frontage of a travel agents is a such a bright cheerful yellow. In the library I saw this yellow textile and others pined to a wall advertising a textile course starting in September, looks like it would be fun.  The photograph of the big button in a case is from a fabric shop.  That's it from me I hope I fit the bill and did what was required. I wonder what the others on this challenge have photographed.
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  1. Hi and thanks for taking part. You seem to have quite a few to choose from in yellow dont you. I hope you enjoy the challenge
    Gill x

  2. Yes, I had fun snapping bright yellows.

  3. Ooh I love yellow spiky!