Friday, 26 August 2011

My bag is featured on Folksy Friday

My handmade Orange Flower tote is featured in Folksy Friday by Sam of Sconch Textiles. The theme is Orangey Delights and such lovely items were chosen. What a good idea it is for crafters to help each other in this way.

She was inspired to do Folksy Friday after seeing her green phone case featured on Uniquely Yours "green-themed" treasury blog.

Her blog is well worth a look. She likes crochet, patchwork quilting, embroidery.

I loved the material which was a curtain I found at an outdoor market near where I live in Cornwall. I thought it would make a lovely colourful bag. I'd chosen another orange curtain material for the straps. There was not enough for two straps and luckily I found a lighter  colour so the straps became two tone. The colours blended really well together and matched perfectly. It is a fun funky bag.

I make bags from recycled fabric and curtain material make really good bags I find especially vintage retro also I sometimes use modern material too. Its what ever catches my eye and would love to make into a gorgeous bag.

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