Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In Falmouth Town

Yesterday I went into Falmouth town to pick up a few vegetarian supplies at a Health Food Shop, there are a few there. I went into a Natural Food Shop also where there were two chairs and a woman having a massage. I would love one I thought. I went and bought some dairy-free and other goodies to try, at the Health Food Shop then I wondered back to the Natural Food shop. The chairs were empty I sat down ready for a massage. The lady said that she practises Kinesiology, body balancing. We had a chat about foods and diets and then starting with taping to balance my body I had a lovely free massage on my neck and back, it was just what I needed lovely!

I thought I try some bread made with Spelt flour on my way out a change from the wheat I normally buy. It it has a delicious fresh and homebaked taste.

I am trying a Vegan diet as I haven't eaten meat for a while I eat soya instead. I feel it is good for my health but of course it wouldn't suit everyone. I  have dairy alternatives and get a good range of vitamins and minerals from food especially B vitamins which are important, maybe also a B12 vitamin supplement.

Then it was back to my sewing if I can stop getting distracted with writing my new blog, facebook, twitter and a website! So far!

Crafty Bags Labels
Just as I was writing this these labels arrived. My bags now have a name CraftyBags!
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