Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Book

While I was Truro the other day on Lemon Quay there were stalls showcasing outdoor pursuits of Bushcraft Survival and The Ramblers Association. I was given a free back issue of Walk Magazine with wonderful colour spreads. A book Journey Through Britain by John Hillaby published in 1968 was recomended by Christopher Somerville who says John Hillaby was his boyhood hero.

Hillaby walked from Lands End to John O' Groats one spring. A joyful journey that inspired this book. He delights in observing a colony of young lapwings above Lothersdale says Somerville giving a glimpse of the unfolding story inside and conveying his enthusiasm for the book he has said he has read many times.  Hillaby also had a vast knowledge of plants, birds and geology. Sounds like it will be a  good read just the sort of book I'd love.
The libraries in Cornwall didn't stock it just one a kept as a reference in The Cornish Studies Library, the lady there offered to check online  a hardback from Abe books was found at only 61p and  with postage it came to just £2.26.

This was written 1968, the same decade as the Vintage Retro material I have and from which I have made my totes!

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