Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photo Challenge 12

Two ingredients used in cooking today
Red Flower Tote
You could use this colourful tote to carry home quite a few ingredients .
Posted by PicasaThese are the two ingredients that I shall use in preparation of a meal today. The dish will be pasta and the other ingredients will be peppers, mushrooms and soya sausages for preference. I prefer to use tomato puree and adding other fresh ingredients to it.

Our family was taught to cook pasta the traditional Italian way as my sister maried a Sicillian.  He taught my mother to cook spaghetti using puree for the sauce.

He showed me the correct way to eat it when I was a little girl picking it up with a fork and winding it around on a spoon. Mother got used to cooking pasta and we enjoyed eating it.

I added my colourful Red Flower bag as it is a bright red like the tomato puree ha!

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  1. Really interesting background story and you're are making me feel so hungry too!

  2. Thank you, I am quite liking this photo challenge!