Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hi Welcome To My Blog

This blog is mainly about sewing and bag making with also a few added musings and snippets for interest and colour. I hope you will visit  and add a comment or two. I have seen so many lovely blogs through Lily's SBMU that I will follow. I am picking up tips on quilting. I hope to give it a try adding another skill to my "crafty" list.

I am glad I joined up to Lily's small blog meet-up it is so nice to be meeting so many other small bloggers in this way.
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  1. Hi Teresa, glad you found my blog! If your daughter speaks German I dont have to feel to terrible that my older posts aren't in English ;-) Welcome to blogland!

  2. Hi, Good to meet you! I look forward to following you blog, Janine :)

  3. Hello back!! Thanks for following :) Am returning the follow!

  4. Hi and thankyou for your comments. I am looking forward to following you you all too.