Sunday, 30 August 2015

Four Crochet Bags with Granny Squares

There are three crochet bags made this week including the one I made last week. Size 12" two 13" one 14" in length. I tried a firmer tension with the first bag the smallest as I wanted a small size crochet bag, the largest I tried a looser tension the middle sized a mixture, plus there were a mix of yarn labels double knit with varying thickness. You can do a crochet granny square with three double crochet each time going around I wanted four double crochet for thickness to be more substantial.  photo image.jpg2_zpsjmmrzkwf.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsy1uvshhc.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpsplriy3nf.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsbhasxnfm.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpshv7zh2yn.jpg These crochet bags are proving popular and this is the first bag I made of these a while ago that sold.  photo image.jpg1_zpskvqiymnq.jpg
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