Monday, 15 June 2015

A Daisy Bag and A Craft Fair

I found a big ball of thick yellow wool at a charity shop then decided to make a bag with it. I made a big square and a smaller piece for the front and joined them together I highlighted the front panel with a daisy flower in embroidery silks, with French knots in the middle chain stitches for the petals a running stitch for the leaves,stems.  photo image.jpg1_zpsrpysssj4.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsz11gguc0.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsndgt19ji.jpg I am having a few blond streaks put in my hair this week by the way to jazz it up a bit, so not all grey hair.  photo image.jpg5_zpsey8cj92v.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpse458mtok.jpg I went to a craft fair and as you can see I have a lot of knits and crochet items, two crochet cardigans a cushion, purse and pink flower bag in a seed stitch. I have come to the conclusion prices need to be a big feature on a stall table with noticable prices on show and as the lady next to me has a board with her pricing in the middle and at the front of her table. I put little price tags on my items but that's not enough, prices should be clearly seen. I began to feel that my items were just for show a showcasing of what I'd made ha! And I admired a crafters display of crafts in cellophane so professional, the next day this lady brought in a few of those bags for me, a nice surprise, you can see them in my stall photo. I do feel a bit timid about selling though but I will price and display better another time. A lady bought my orange flower Retro bag for £6 she said the price should be higher and as it was Retro. The table was free for the two days, so no loss. People gave me nice compliments about the items and a little girl really wanted to buy the mohair pink flower seed stitch bag, but her mother told me she has loads of bags already otherwise she would have bought it, oh dang! My sister had a stall too she did very well selling her wears, people do love her colourful jewellery and scented candles in cups!  photo image.jpg3_zpspfboijnw.jpg
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  1. I love your new daisy bag - so pretty. And your stall looks lovely! You have a wonderful selection of items. Congrats on your sales. Congrats to your sister too :)

  2. Your stall looks beautiful Teresa. It looks like this was a good venue to get a feel for displaying/selling without losing anything. You are probably right about being more upfront with your pricing though. The owl on the left of the table looks great (bag or cushion cover?).

    1. Thank you Catherine, the owl on the left is a bag a tote.