Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cable Knits and Knitting Bag

I have made a cable cushion with Aran Rustic Tweed yarn. I bought 400g as I would like to make a few cable knit cushions now I've started. I have begun another cushion a Celtic cable knit 17 row pattern and this is with chunky wool. I have knitted the first cushion using two strands of yarn as it would knit up quicker but I had to do twice as many rows as my wool wasn't as thick. I hardly ever used chunky or super chunky I have usually stuck with double knit, I can see myself using more chunky yarns as I try my hand at more yarn projects. I started with these photos all in order but they rearranged and I can't copy/paste them around with my iPad.  photo image_zps066c0736.jpg  photo image_zpse78d0f3e.jpg  photo image_zps07b6515b.jpg I have started to make a knitting bag I am excited about as I had the idea to use sheep shapes from a curtain, cut out and joined together and I think these sheep would be ideal. This will be the first knitting bag I made. There are other pretty patterns of flowers, and pink pigs I may use the pink pigs too to make a pink pig bag. I have started quilting the back and front.  photo image_zps6376cd72.jpg  photo image_zpsec2ec087.jpg
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  1. Your cable cushion looks great! I do wish knitting was quicker and I think chunkier yarns look great for home dec. I also like your sheep - perfect for a knitting bag :)
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays x

  2. Thank you Janine. My bag will soon be listed in my online shop hopefully :)