Saturday, 25 January 2014

A baby hoodie, a crochet cot blanket and rows added to my afghan

I have knitted a hoodie which will be for my great niece's baby boy, my sister's daughter's daughter's baby, expected in early February. The sleeves are set in square by adding a marker a few rows from the end of the sleeves and stitching them in from the marker and the beginning of armhole shaping. I have used different colour blue buttons for a fun quirky style. I have added this crochet cot blanket I made last year too and bought useful items, booties in a set of three, hat and nappies. We are looking forward to seeing the baby and as it is the first boy born for a while as my sister had two daughters and they had girls and I did too.  photo image_zpsf3745b12.jpg  photo image_zpsc36aa8d1.jpg  photo image_zps944d3ad0.jpg I have added a few more rows to the striped Afghan I like to do a couple of rows or more a day as the rows are quite long. If I don't have enough wool to finish a row I will use another colour which will add to the design! It is becoming colourful I can feel the gorgeous thickness of it. It will be a warm cosy throw when it's done!  photo image_zps38734306.jpg
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  1. What lovely work. I really like the hoodie.

  2. I love your crochet projects and the hoodie is adorable. The buttons finish it off perfectly :)

  3. Thank you Catherine and Janine :)