Sunday, 12 January 2014

I started to make two crochet items

My daughters loved their hats and mitts I made for Christmas. They are not into knitting, they have busy lives, they just missed each other at Christmas at home, maybe in the future. They are both together now having a catch up time in London and to trendy places. I have two unfinished pieces to show. I started crocheting a scarf in a pattern of bobbles, with lots of colour It may become a snood I haven't decided.  photo c89b5bf44c641b172cea11561664d8f5_zps00448d26.jpg Then I liked the idea of using up all my scraps of wool, as I hadn't made much headway with my stash of wool, to make a stripy Afghan. I got a bit carried away with the chaining as I wanted it to be big enough. It is about 80" and a pick up and leave it project.  photo 6db364fd40ccd0933aae0611e114a52d_zps37efa58a.jpg I had to unpick the first bit in blue as it was too tight with the second row of stitches luckily it didn't unravel I have started crocheting evenly into the blue stitches. I do like to knit when I have time I have sewing projects too and a January Sale in my Folksy one of which is this Crochet Throw.  photo image_zpsdbe35727.jpg I have photographed these items indoors today as the weather is not good.
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  1. I love your colourful crochet projects! I've got a New Year's Resolution to start (and finish!) crocheting an afghan/throw soon but I don't know how it'll go. I'm not really a crocheter...Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  2. Thank you. A throw is a lovely and colourful item or the home.