Monday, 2 September 2013

Finished bag and small weaving loom

I submitted this to Craftjuice  today and would love some votes if you would like to vote for it. Thank you.
The Pinterest link for weaving on Small looms

This is made with flower cotton fabric with hessian at he top and shoulder straps, a rust coloured cotton lining with two pockets, hessian and fabric to match the bag. It has a suede loop stitched on the back with a button to close. The big pocket has a green Velcro to close.
This is my finished bag just listed today in my Etsy Shop      Craftycreate
It measures 15"x15" and is tapered with a 4" gusset at the bottom.

I found a small loom at a outdoor market and can't wait to use and get weaving something.
I found this Pinterest board with lots of small loom weaving projects to give me a few ideas.

Small looms
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  1. Beautiful bag - you can never have too many bags and I do love this one :) Will be interested to see what you make on that loom too!

  2. Thank you I have made another bag since and making another will then blog about them. I am going to learn weaving from a professional today Jo Grande can't wait.