Friday, 30 August 2013

I am making a two tone bag.

I am making a bag with a colourful cotton fabric with hessian on the top and the shoulder straps.
It has a plaited suede loop on the font with a button to close.

I have a rust coloured lining with a small fabric pocket the same material as the bag and a larger hessian pocket lined with the same material.

I just have to add the label to the lining and lining to the bag which will have white top stitch, add shoulder straps, stitch on the loop and sew on the button. Photograph it and add to my Craftycreate Shop. Yay another original to add my eclectic mix.

It is at the putting together stage it will need an iron. I like the rustic look with the smooth material combined with the hessian and the colours and texture of the lining and pockets.

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