Thursday, 8 September 2011

Photo 18 Looking down. Photo19 Looking up

I am taking two more photos today to keep up with all the others on the photo challenge.

Looking up. In the garden.

Trees from garden

Posted by PicasaThis photo was taken from my sewing room you can see the two opened windows. This blue container is a make-do water butt that was made to keep silage in. My husband got it for free and beside that you can just see a little of our compost bin too.

Looking down.

Our garden taken from above

You can see this is a misty day over the rooftops to the fields beyond. This is usually a sign of heat and means it's going to be a hot and sunny day when the mist lifts.

Ours and our neighbours  garden

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  1. Really good photo's, I love getting an insight into other people's lives, ideas and perspectives through their photo's x