Sunday, 4 September 2011

A favourite something from childhood photo challenge 15

A  selection of books
I have not got anything left from my childhood that I can show. I did have a favourite doll I loved and named Shirley. So I took a photo of a selection of favourite and well loved books from my two daughter's childhood. They are both in their twenties now and living away from home. One lives in London the other the youngest in Wales. I must have a clear out and give them to charity and become clutter free.

Big Flower

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  1. Ooh some top books there, I love a good read!I struggled with childhood possession too, but luckily had my shawl, I think you've used an interesting idea there as books are timeless and we all remember our favourite books from childhood!

  2. I see a Narnia book there, i loved those too

  3. Thanks yes luckily I had a few books to photograph and a good selection.