Sunday, 8 February 2015


I have booked another craft fair with Hellys for March and I have added another cushion to my collection this time made with scraps of colour. I liked the pattern of Granny's Paperweights on Janine's blog last week and decided to make a few for a cushion. I used acrylic yarn it's what I have mostly, with a few balls of coloured mohair and some fancy polyester mix yarns. I started joining the Granny Paperweights together with a single crochet which I usually use to join crochet then thought I'd try stitching them together using one colour throughout which worked very well. I thought I'd add a crinkly cotton material for the back which I hand dyed with a turmeric spice. I may have to crochet a few more to fit the material as they are a hexagon shape. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos  photo 8ac1fd2560a14af485f799f48b760b29_zps525c73d1.jpg  photo 0d25cf8046a24f9da229ac907a5ccc96_zps503fcef8.jpg  photo 8df6f517d01155c9f39633812cd973d4_zpsa77ba291.jpg
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  1. Your paperweight hexies are looking great! This is going to be a lovely cushion :)
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  2. I have just flown in from Janine's where there are oodles of hexies to ooh and aah over! This is such a treat to land here and you have whipped up gorgeous hexies as well! I love yours too......they will make the most beautiful cushions. Oh and I might add your scraps of fabric cushion is a delight to the eyes as well. 'Tis a lovely post.

  3. These are so colourful, just popping over via the Folksy Forum :)
    Jan x

  4. I love african flowers ! Make me smile every time I see them, especially, if they are as colourful as yours!

  5. I'm enjoying seeing these very cute flowers around the place. They will make a great cushion.

  6. Pretty pillow and your paperweight hexies are looking great!! They will make such a lovely cushion!

    - Soma