Monday, 26 January 2015

Wool and a New Craft

I've got my energy levels back again today pleased to say after a few days of the flu with the usual symptoms of, temperature, shivers, cough. And started doing a housework blitz which made me feel better and opening the windows wide to blow in some fresh air. I responded to a lady by email through my local Truro Freegle website requesting wool donations as she does lots of knitting for various charities in Romania, Uganda and many other African countries. I busied myself tidying my wool and giving away many balls, as I needed to give it a good thin it out and make way for new wool.  photo 6103f3c8fb9ad6c1156ef17ab0657762_zpsa04d7a92.jpg  photo 56a4ba49244f99f6d8e4d94a14ec3029_zps422ae21c.jpg Another new craft, well new to me that caught my eye this week is Chicken Scratch and its something I would like to practice how to do properly as it looks sort of easy and pretty. Here is a taster.  photo 815cfa46154291fd48e0731f8d9c8ab9_zps27aed3c7.jpg And here are a few more ideas and patterns from Pinterest. So now I want to get on and do more housework, yes I really don't mind it when I am in the mood for it and I'm raring to go.
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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. That chicken scratch looks very effective :)