Sunday, 4 January 2015

Two Pairs of Slippers

I have been making these two pairs of easy sixty minute slippers one pair with two strands of multi coloured yarn and red I had in my stash, the red pair with four strands for a more chunky pair. These are for my two daughters Michelle, who wants chunky and Fiona who as long as they don't fall off her feet doesn't mind. I will be taking them up to them in London when we go up there for the Awards Do in January 14th.  photo 3bd16b15a1c0d61837d06db85b7b71fb_zpsa3854f71.jpg  photo d956bf2df873073e6c9f3dadaba4891f_zpsb4d5c28f.jpg  photo 1786872ae334974cb04584211de8582f_zps613bd305.jpg
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  1. Wow....a pair of slippers in 60 minutes...incredible!! Love them!!

  2. These look great and I love the idea of a finish in an hour. I will check out your link :)

  3. Great idea and a free pattern too. In my queue now too!