Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cowl Coasters and Cream Jumper

I have almost finished a second cream chunky jumper! I am really pleased with it and It took no time at all to make with sizes 8 and 12 knitting needles.  photo e8f9ce82e10749e357cf1c6b4cfc067e_zps82867a64.jpg This knitted cowl was easy to make and has four wooden buttons stitched on one side and the pattern came from my Knitting Magazine. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos These are four crochet coasters that I just made and will be brought with me to sell at the craft fair in December. I have quite a few small knitted and crocheted items to take to the fair now.  photo c2a7b524d414cac8be9eab40c1a8f5fd_zps190db2c9.jpg The Guernsey Sweater Update. I have dyed the sleeves first, using a turmeric spice dye, the other sweater pieces will be dyed a shop bought bright pink. And I bought two mini carders online costing £6.50 each plus vat postage.I am really pleased with them as they are easy to handle and just right to card the small amount of fleece that I have.
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  1. My goodness me you whip up pretties speedier than speedy! Could you possibly send me your magical knitting/crochet needles....perhaps they could help my tardiness. Love the pattern in the cowl and the buttons are a wonderful addition. Pretty doilies. I can't wait to see what magic you dream up with your Guernsey Sweater...all those different dyes sound fascinating!

  2. Gorgeous woolies and I love your coasters :) I'm with Kim, here. You really must have magic needles to knit at that speed!