Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Tea Cosy and Dyed Woollens

This is the woollen I dyed from a shop dye an over all shade of colour. The other wool sleeves were dyed with turmeric I over dyed them I may try turmeric again for a yellow. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos  photo d90dfb3af3c37b82905a89bb50260c77_zps8406227a.jpg I have bought these mini carders and will card my fleece when I've finished making small various knitted items for the craft fair.  photo 
f6756197e260455e87ee26485a0c3fed_zps9e9e475b.jpg This is a little tea cosy I knitted with a pattern and wool from Knitting and Crochet magazine. I thought it would go well with all the mug cosies I've made, twelve so far.  photo 3e714deee196a28dea23b3a717d11def_zps110dcfff.jpg  photo 7cb92c0eed76782efdaed6ca4d39ec38_zps60cc8b7e.jpg  photo 57dd82938e2eba640a20821105441034_zpsa17ade94.jpg  photo image1-001_zpsa0a3eee3.jpg  photo imagejpg1_zps4bc0c6fd.jpg
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  1. I love the tea cosy :) Your dying is interesting too. Thank you for linking with Wool on Sundays :)

  2. Love the flower on top of the tea cosy. Almost too cute to use. Great makes for the fair too.

  3. I'm fascinated with your dyed pieces. Love, love, love the tea cozy; gorgeous colours. Your stall will be the place to be at the fair!