Sunday, 9 February 2014

A cushion and a knitting bag

Another cushion this week I first decided to make a Celtic cable knit 20" cushion as I made a 16" cable cushion last week. I found a lovely Celtic cable design and added 20 stitches each side then found this was wider than needed so I decided to make a bolster cushion. I have used Kingcole chunky in acrylic. I also have polyester stuffing and muslin I will make the inside with it.  photo cb0d724d-978d-436c-bec6-79c177de71c3_zps04dbe18a.jpg  photo c9551693-79f5-4a4f-8331-f18d625a13df_zps966370c1.jpg  photo image_zps5ab0d942.jpg I have added more stripes to my crochet afghan I am crocheting four loops to each stitch for a thicker warmer throw it takes longer I don't mind I do about two stripes a day. It will take roughly six weeks or a bit longer I estimate to finish, each stripe is about 1" It will become a 6' square throw.  photo image_zpsf877f06c.jpg I am really pleased how my quilted sheep knitting bag turned out!  photo image_zps14708a73.jpg Knitting Bag photo image_zps2d2c563c.jpg  photo image_zpsd7c7dd98.jpg  photo image_zps44fb70da.jpg
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  1. Your cushion is fabulous! I have wanted to make a cabled cushion after seeing one in an expensive home store. It was square and brown and gorgeous : )

  2. Thank you Carla I am pleased with it :)

  3. You've had a great week! Your sheep bag has turned out great and I love your cushion and that crochet. They both look really snug and warm :)