Sunday, 19 January 2014

Adding rows to a crochet throw and two sales!

I have added more rows to my crochet throw after I decided it was too wide. I cut a piece off measuring at least 3' long and it was taking ages to do a row. The stitch is four loops in a chain stitch which will make it a thicker warmer throw. I have used up quite a bit of my spare wool and will get more as I need it also crocheting on a long chain will be easier than stitching together squares at the end.  photo image_zps9db47cd7.jpg  photo image_zps03a8709f.jpg I sold this throw and a tartan and corduroy bag in my Folksy shop January Half Price Sale this week!  photo image_zpsdbe35727.jpg
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  1. Good morning! I admire anyone who can crochet. I'm hopeless : )
    Thanks for stopping by my corner too

  2. I think you'd laugh if you saw my crochet. I started a class 2 weeks ago and still all fingers and thumbs. I might post a photo next week if there is an improvement

  3. Thank you Carla and Catherine crochet can be easier than knitting as its just the one hook! Looking forward to seeing your crochet!

  4. Congrats on more sales! Your shop is doing really well :)
    Your row throw looks great. Do you mean you cut a side off? Can you cut a piece of crochet in half and then sew in the ends without everything coming undone? I know you can steek knitting but the idea terrifies me! Thank you for linking with Wool on Sundays :)

  5. Thank you Janine. Yes I cut off a side I'd only done five rows. I joined the lengths of wool together to secure and will weave them through at the finish. I did not know about skeeting you learn something new each time with Wool on Sundays! :)