Saturday, 2 February 2013

Patchwork Shades of Blue Cushion.

I picked up a bundle of blue patterned cotton
squares in a charity shop and thought I'd make a patchwork cushion. I added a few from my own blue scrap material and cut them all to the same size.

I made this 18"x18" cushion with a soft plump polyester cushion pad.  I am pleased with it.  It will have a zip. I misplaced it when I took these photos then found it in the cushion!

 This patchwork blues cushion will soon be listed on Crafty Bags Folksy.

Beginning to sew it together.

Front Patchwork Cushion

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  1. I love patchwork! Very nice cushion - I like the combination of stripes and other patterns :)

  2. Thank you yes lots of pattern blues together

  3. Lovely fabrics - this cushion looks great :)

  4. This is beautiful, so springlike and fresh looking. Thanks for the follow, I am on my way to doing the same! Looking forward to catching up with you over the months. Take care. Chel

  5. Thank you looking forward to following your blog.