Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A lacy knit collar and crochet socks

I have made a lacy collar with cream cotton yarn as lace is in fashion just now. I added this to the two lacy cushions already in Crafty Bags Folksy so I am quite ahead in fashion and home ha. The collar is retro vintage style fashionable in the 40s versitile easy to wash and transforms a simple top. dress or knit or can be worn alone as a beautiful, delicate necklass. I have now quite a varied selection of items and crafts as well as bags and adding to these all the time so be sure to pop back and take a look!

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I just made my first pair of crochet socks. I like that they are not too thick or thin and are comfy I am keeping them for me. They are made with DK acrylic yarn. I may make a few to sell too.

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