Sunday, 6 December 2015

Scarf Cowl and Crochet Flowers

I made a few small things this week I found Pom Pom yarn in a parcel of remnants I like to buy. It had a pattern on the label you knit between the little Pom poms. It feels lovely and soft, added crochet flowers to use up my yarn. I love buying remnants usually a parcel as you often find nice things including lace, embroidery silks, knitting book.  photo image_zpskv0kwtqa.jpeg  photo image_zps069yyyq3.jpeg I also found this pretty yarn from France which has a mix of acrylic mohair, wool and gold lurex. And luckily I have a few pretty pearl buttons to add too.  photo image_zpssroe3gar.jpeg I made this cowl using up my oddments of yarns and used a drop stitch pattern with stocking stitch.  photo image_zpstvsiikzy.jpeg  photo image_zpsnfruryoj.jpeg I bought a set of these Christmas cake tins as my own was too small fit the cake I made. I included this photo as it goes with the other colours here.  photo image_zpsgdck57am.jpeg Also I am going to a Christmas Craft Fair just before I go to see my daughters in London for a month to spend Christmas  photo image_zpshzrsqqa0.jpeg I made a little bag for myself with remnants too.  photo image_zpsauthttns.jpeg
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