Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dish Cloth and Flower

I just knitted a Country Charm Dish cloth made with cotton yarn and a crochet Flower with acrylic yarn this week. I will be busy next week as my two daughters are comming down from London to here in cornwall for a few days and we will be going my nephews wedding excited.  photo image.jpg2_zpsrytmrnoq.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zpsvsrqrvr1.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpswlm0ds5n.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpslxo7kcii.jpg  photo image.jpg1_zpsgarfcn5y.jpg
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  1. One lovely patterned dishcloth plus one pretty crochet flower equals gorgeousness!! Have a lovely week with your daughters, Teresa.

  2. Such a sweet flower and I love the dishcloth - really too nice to use! Have a great week, Teresa :)

  3. And Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  4. Those are such sweet finishes. I have never seen a knitted dishcloth like that, only crocheted ones. It's too pretty to use :)