Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog Crafty Bags and my scheduled stop on the Around The World Blog Hop.

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Sunflower Tote
 I would like to thank Janine from Rainbow Hare for inviting me to join the Around the World Blog Hop! I have always admired Janine's work, her dolls Plain and Purl with a story! quilting, textile wall art the beautiful crochet flowers throw and gorgeous knitting. And I love her Wool on Sundays. Please go and take a look and see.

Janine has asked me to answer four questions so here goes!
What am I working on?

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Curtain Material
While out with Mr CB on a trip to Bodmin town to have a look around and to make the most of the late summer sunshine I spied this colourful material in a charity shop window it's two curtains, I think it looks like it could be retro material. I will make two cushions from it, the blue trim I bought the next day in a fabric store, a good match I think. I have made Mandala crochet cushions too which I recently discovered how to do. 

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Jacob Fleece Merino Tops Felt Bag

This is the carded Jacob Fleece and Merino Wool Tops leftover from a Sheep to Hat course I did. I made this bag. It will be either a felt bag next or small shawl or scarf using both the Jacob and Merino together or on their own, wet felted needle felted or both.

How does my work differ from others in its genre ?

I started by making bags, all kinds, shapes and sizes and various fabrics and after a while I restarted knitting and crochet and became interested in trying other crafts, quilting, felting, cross stitch embroidery (I like to do more embroidery) and applique so I don't think I have a particular genre.
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Two Crochet Throws
 photo dfcd170032b0dd1b23e4bd7de41a20c9_zps2ee13cf3.jpg
Two Knitted Rugs
 photo baea62758783bc4f33934161c58fe77e_zps8195a11b.jpg
Crochet Cardigans and Sweater
 photo d0b30ce178b967ebebf26f63e51ea084_zps63ab63a3.jpg
Quilted Knitting Bag and My First Quilt

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Cross Stitch Lavender Sachet

Why do I write/create what I do? 

I just love to create things I just recently really enjoyed using my colourful, fancy scrap yarns to crochet two cardigans in stripes of colour that was easy to do and surprisingly quick, then knitting a sweater this time in blocks of colour. I love making items from something once used into something compleatly different, recycling. And as I make nice things I like to write about them
and share what I have made with others who love crafting and blogging too and I find it interesting to see what others are creating.

 How does my writing/creating processes work?

 I am lucky to live in the amazingly beautiful county of Cornwall in the UK with its magnificent varied scenery all around the many beaches and coves, living here gives me added inspiration to create nice things I think.

I don't use a pattern, I plan out a style of bag in my head and get straight on with it, sometimes I do sketch out an outline of the design to keep me focused. I use the fabrics to hand imagining what type of bag I could make, the lining, then the handles to match. I see colours, patterns I find striking in a fashion magazine and put them together as a bag. I did this with a denim and blue/ white pattern cotton bag.  A bag I made from a multi-coloured cardigan looked lovely and I added a thick cotton shoulder strap. I may see a bag I really like in a boutique and make one similar. I cut out the sheep shapes from a curtain with lots of patterns and stitched them together to make a knitting bag.

Sometimes it is trial and error and a learning process and I start again but find if I take the time to plan it out it is half the battle and usually comes out all right.

I am always on the look out for colourful material it could be curtain material, or off cut remnants as I only need a small amount for a project at a time, I find these aplenty in fabric stores, wool shops, markets, car boot sales and sometimes charity shops.
I love to go to look around a car boot sale near me which also has a market outdoors and indoors too so there is plenty to browse around.

I hope you have stayed with this to the end thank you and because I want to introduce to you the lovely Julia from Horse Fire Textiles who makes amazing rugs from recycled material, wall hangings and art and all really inspiring and colourful to look at too, I am sure you will agree and she will be answering questions on the next blog hop next Monday.

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  1. I love all your colourful projects and I enjoyed reading more about your making process. You certainly have a good eye for finding fabrics and you're very clever at transforming all your raw materials into beautiful and useful items. Happy crafting :D

  2. Oh, I think your genre is cheerful and colourful! love all the vibrancy in most of what you have shown, and the humour in the rest!
    keep it up!

  3. This was my first visit so a great 'getting to know you' post. Will be back to visit your lovely blog again!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your strippy crochet, it is GORGEOUS.. yum

  5. So nice to lern more about your and your creative process. I absoultely love your crochet and kniting project. They are so coloroful and happy. Always amazing :)

  6. Hi Teresa, I think the one thing that marks out all your different crafts is your fab use of colour. You are never afraid to try something new. Life is bright!

  7. Hi Teresa - just back from my hols in Yorkshire today, so I will be putting up my hop article on Monday 13 October!

    Lovely to see your colourful quilts, bags and clothing. They are so unique and wonderful, you can be sure of a one of a kind treasure with your pieces.

    Best Wishes

    Julia :) x

  8. I always find it interesting to read other people's around the world blog hop posts, it really gives you just a little deeper look into their style and creative process. I love the range of your craftiness, and your knitted jumper turned out great.

  9. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments :)

  10. It was delightful to read all about your lovely makes and your creative journey and all that inspires you. This post is filled with gorgeous colour. Love, love, love those vividly coloured blankets. There are so many varied projects that you have made. How lucky are you to live in Cornwall. No wonder you create such inspirational lovelies!