Sunday, 25 May 2014

Felting and using a spinning wheel

In today's lesson we were shown how to felt we saw the roving became felted then snipped and become a flower. There was a small selection of pretty brooches with various embellishments and a lovely large cream rug made with Merino wool with a darker backing colour. There was dyed roving brought in and cream Merino to buy I chose a few good colours and the Merino. We used the dyed roving to felt with a bucket of warm water and olive oil soap we brought as it is natural and so better for felting. There was time too to try the spinning wheel, a lot easier to use than the hand spinner though there is a knack in using it,I think it is faster spinning,if you want to try it. Next week it is half term and four of the ladies myself included will use the spinning wheel at home sharing it for three days each I would like to make a lot of spun wool with it in that time! Photos of the felting lesson. Some roving for felting and a flower Roving for felting photo imagejpg1_zps0062c8ad.jpg Olive Oil Soap Olive oil soap photo imagejpg2_zps9b4a509e.jpg A selection of dyed rovings after we bought a few. Dyed wool rovings photo imagejpg4_zps0d90bc19.jpg Felted Brooches and embellishments Felt brooches and embellishments photo imagejpg5_zps67e45615.jpg Two spinning wheels Spinning wheels photo imagejpg3_zps97419306.jpg This is my felted piece I will make a purse out of it where I will list it in my Crafty Create Shop  photo imagejpg1_zps8db2d84e.jpg A selection of rovings I bought.  photo imagejpg1_zps43aaf9cc.jpg
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  1. I hope you get lots of spinning done during half term. The roving colours are beautiful and those little felted shapes :)

  2. That looks really good fun!