Sunday, 23 March 2014

Summery yarn with a mix of colours and more.

I have made these three pieces and they are stitched to calico. The yarn is cotton with little bits of primary colours red, blue, yellow and green running through, again I found this at a charity shop. It is surprising what you can find and I still have a little ball of it left. I could make a purse with it. It will become a bag. I like the cotton and colour mix and so it will be a summery bag.  photo image_zpsdb52606d.jpg  photo image_zpsf30297ea.jpg  photo image_zps36eb14de.jpg I also started knitting with this red yarn also a mix of colours and this will become a bag too.  photo image_zps563a9d8c.jpg
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  1. That cotton was a great find. It looks lovely knitted up :)

  2. Such a lucky find, this pretty flecked wool of yours. It is shaping into a lovely bag!!