Friday, 26 July 2013

Bag making, material sort and coin purses.

This is the bag I am making just need to attach the lining and add the buckle. The bag has blues,  rust red and cream with a pattern and cream speckles that adds interest.

I have been sorting out my colourful fabric and have a selection to make coin purses  I have made two so far which I think look good these are the first fabric purses with zips that I've made.

Also I  just noticed a red rosé bud on one of my three seedlings I was so surprised as I thought they had to grow bigger before flowers grew!

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  1. Love the giant houndstooth fabric, the fish are fun too.

    I've had a few huge passion flowers appear -they must be enjoying all the sunshine!

  2. Thank you:) yes I think it is all the sunshine bringing on my seedlings.

  3. Thank you! I am pleased with it, it should be for sale soon