Friday, 21 September 2012

Three projects finished.

Here are the three finished projects. A needle case that has Autumn leaves I am making another with flowers too! The soft beautiful velvet Orange Flowers shoulder bag which I made from Laura Ashely skirt material. The crochet bag with ice sorbet colours! I am really pleased with how they all turned out.

All are available from my folksy shop.

Now I am busy making Christmas tree decorations and for around the house!
Three Projects

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  1. Hi, just been updating my much neglected blog and found a couple of new followers, so hi!
    Love your crochet bag.
    crow cottage

  2. I saw the needle case on The Crafty Network's Autumn challenge and loved it. It is very pretty. You do make quite a range of bags by the looks of things.

  3. Thank you. I do try to vary the bag styles. You do make lovely cards!