Sunday, 16 March 2014

Knitted Felted and Woven

These are my finished knitted and felted projects that I showed a preview of last week! The bag is knitted in mohair with a seed stitch which gives this lovely nubby texture. The bag has a purple yarn but it looks blue in this photo. I like how big the flower knitted up. I wet felted wool tops then I needle felted the pieces together into this red bag. I added a felted button and a strap from left over wool tops which I first needle felted into shape.  photo image_zps0ab7a5c2.jpg Red Felt Bag photo image_zps10d4873d.jpg Felt photo image_zpsc87b7526.jpg  photo image_zps69eb4395.jpg I made this piece of woven acrylic yarn and cut it from the frame I will make a kindle case with it I think  photo image_zps4fbd9ead.jpg
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