Monday, 26 January 2015

Wool and a New Craft

I've got my energy levels back again today pleased to say after a few days of the flu with the usual symptoms of, temperature, shivers, cough. And started doing a housework blitz which made me feel better and opening the windows wide to blow in some fresh air. I responded to a lady by email through my local Truro Freegle website requesting wool donations as she does lots of knitting for various charities in Romania, Uganda and many other African countries. I busied myself tidying my wool and giving away many balls, as I needed to give it a good thin it out and make way for new wool.  photo 6103f3c8fb9ad6c1156ef17ab0657762_zpsa04d7a92.jpg  photo 56a4ba49244f99f6d8e4d94a14ec3029_zps422ae21c.jpg Another new craft, well new to me that caught my eye this week is Chicken Scratch and its something I would like to practice how to do properly as it looks sort of easy and pretty. Here is a taster.  photo 815cfa46154291fd48e0731f8d9c8ab9_zps27aed3c7.jpg And here are a few more ideas and patterns from Pinterest. So now I want to get on and do more housework, yes I really don't mind it when I am in the mood for it and I'm raring to go.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Fair Isle Pattern Hat

Here is a Fair Isle pattern I used two strands of double knit acrylic that I had plenty of instead of a worsted weight yarn I think it turned out good. I may try a worsted next time and I'd would like to try the interchangeable circular knitting needles too seen in the video. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos  photo 6485ae0abbd6557e71b7f67a7508272b_zpse9fa5756.jpg  photo 6ebcaa4eb4e3cdf76a72ae3d0e3bc7ca_zps20096859.jpg

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Two Pairs of Slippers

I have been making these two pairs of easy sixty minute slippers one pair with two strands of multi coloured yarn and red I had in my stash, the red pair with four strands for a more chunky pair. These are for my two daughters Michelle, who wants chunky and Fiona who as long as they don't fall off her feet doesn't mind. I will be taking them up to them in London when we go up there for the Awards Do in January 14th.  photo 3bd16b15a1c0d61837d06db85b7b71fb_zpsa3854f71.jpg  photo d956bf2df873073e6c9f3dadaba4891f_zpsb4d5c28f.jpg  photo 1786872ae334974cb04584211de8582f_zps613bd305.jpg

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hat and Cowl

I made this hat while on the train going to Epsom Surrey to see my two daughters over Christmas, with this matching cowl, my own design, made whilst there. We had a fabulous relaxing time. The Christmas dinner and all the trimmings prepared and cooked by our daughters. We are going up again in January to an awards ceremony Michelle will receive her MRCP award. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos  photo 98928e773918a765909582295f5a23fa_zpsf022fbf5.jpg  photo 0008ec1a32ce02c73a8b3bfcd5b1bbc8_zps757bc5a1.jpg

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Felt and A Craft Fair

I did a craft fair yesterday at Helston it was very busy the first 20 people through the door were given a goody bag. I sold the crochet hat I just recently made a little girl loved it and wanted to wear it. And another little girl showed her mum a mug with one of my mug cosies that she really liked. I made last week a cream and blue crochet mobile phone case which you can pick out in the photos I also made a pair of fingerless gloves as one of a few presents which I sent to my sister in law but forgot to photograph them. I had a second table as my sister had a cold and could not go so I put my cushions on her table and sold one a patchwork one. There was singing by a very talented lady with a strong voice and only 13 years old I later found out on Hellys Craft Fair Facebook page. I painted a few fruit boxes as displays instead of just eveything spread on the table. I think that they were okay, though I saw some people had wooden folding shelves which I was told you could buy on Ebay. So all in all it turned out to be a very sucessfull craft fair for everyone. Tea coffee and biscuits were provided free with a small donation. Next Friday myself and OH are going to Surrey to stay for the Christmas with my two daughters. I don't know if I will be getting much knitting or crocheting done, though I may do a little.  photo afd3e7735e33563194594045a0b21c69_zps71143b74.jpg  photo 58c496ac7760ff97a6c66a33b9cdf71e_zps144f551e.jpg  photo ed837ce7994de32296a1607f17f16c64_zps6197664c.jpg  photo 53ac46c7a1f01f71d2a6fe07c6afd498_zps0cb11a9d.jpg  photo a7b6a19ba5db3619b341745f9e2c260f_zpsbf8ae525.jpg When I got home from the Craft Fair a lovely surprise was waiting for me, a lovely selection of felt, with a pretty card that I had won on Janine's Wool on Sundays a One Year prize Give Away Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Snowstorm Hat

I liked this pattern Snowstorm from Hooked on Crochet for super warm hats. I chose the colours I already had with a chunky acrylic yarn. It was quick and easy to do and I'm learning new crochet stitches with each new item I make!  photo acf6519e24b4f6b7f947fe5c2e3062c0_zps9f022d1b.jpg  photo 1cc0358fab11f9af66f62caf86eb54b3_zps54b370d9.jpg  photo d81308beb4fe96a558c724a382fedd61_zps470d3eac.jpg  photo be9ab2c3a02a1ad09adedd0e65bb83e5_zps6f5c45ac.jpg

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Three Pairs of Mittens

I have made these three pairs of mittens. The two pairs without a rib edge, one pink and a tan colour I added a small cuff to and the pair of mittens made with the original sweater ribbed edge was okay as it was. I lined them with a pink, and a tiger pattern fleece and decorated them with colourful circles using embroidery pure wool with a chain stitch in a spiral. I think that they all turned out pretty good. I still have good amount of the sweater left over to make small items maybe purses with.  photo 42e4e7f63e52247b271b9c72d6cb1fdd_zpsbb8a26a3.jpg  photo 652333dacc4cc56057e87c2e4a7d8ca5_zps0ebb40a0.jpg  photo 591b7857efbe523833a1e3ac80ee4048_zpse256aa1c.jpg  photo 7aa833450fd7307a53892b2864f5573f_zps96005992.jpg  photo 3df3e1635ac008f9922430147857d8f3_zpsa919ae2a.jpg  photo image11_zps414f60e1.jpg I chose these fleece linings a pink and a tiger pattern. The tiger pattern looks lovely and I will make mittens with this next adding a fawn colour lining.  photo bd829b727af094804c7b7fae3b27a9ca_zps4f1b7c76.jpg