Monday, 10 March 2014

A flower, wool tops and a bracelet

I have been trying out few new things a few ideas but not much completed with yarns except a knitted flower  in mohair with a picot stitch on the last row which makes this lovely loopy affect.
I have been sewing and made two cushions.
I found a pile of rovings or wool tops I think they are called that I had for a while to be made into felt. One or two lovely items will be made from that felt.

Then I decided to learn how to make friendship bracelets and I made this Egyptian style one, these can be added to bags and such like as decoration.

 So I'm getting started on these yarn and felt projects and I should have more to show you next time.

This will become another knitted bag  photo image_zps9d114099.jpg  photo image_zps408513aa.jpg  photo image_zpsb8240668.jpg  photo image_zps761dad22.jpg
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