Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fleece and yarns

I attended a craft class on Friday entitled Sheep to Hat. The course lasts six weeks and I will learn all the stages from fleece to hat or make what I choose. I will probably either make a hat, slippers or a bag. We washed fleece using washing powder and rinsed a few times. There were knitting books and lots of colours of dyed felt and types of wool knitted including the lovely soft Marino wool and the silken Tussah. There was a coloured chart of the types of sheep and my cream and brown fleece came from a Jacob sheep. We took our fleeces home to dry and next week we will learn how to do carding,then how to use a spinning wheel. I always wondered what it would be like to use a spinning wheel and I am soon to find out!  photo imagejpg1_zpsc41c4abc.jpg I have started knitting with this pretty blue speckly yarn and will make a purse with it.  photo imagejpg1_zps0f1a0865.jpg I came across this colourful mix of yarn half of it is wool and I will make a gadget case or something nice with it.  photo imagejpg2_zpsb7715917.jpg  photo imagejpg3_zps717093fc.jpg
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